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A dropdown list can be a useful thing in your spreadsheet. Especially if you want to make it easier for others to enter information on your sheet quickly. With a dropdown list, you can give other users a quick set of … Read the rest. I want to see if they are using … Read the rest.

What happened to the Data Analysis Toolpak or Solver in Excel for Mac - Microsoft Community

In one of my posts on using VBA to select a column of data, I received a comment asking if the macro could be modified to select data like the screen shot you see to the left. Once you know the where the column heading and last data cell is in the current column, the range … Read the rest. See update at the end of this post. So I followed the instructions to check all the installed programs on my MacBook Pro and was surprised to find that Microsoft Query will be incompatible.

This will affect any Excel for Mac versions you might have on your computer — , , I have an Excel workbook that is used in two different regions where the date format is entirely different, the US and the UK.

The problem is trying to automatically change the date format in the second … Read the rest. And assume for the moment that the example above extends down several hundred, or even thousand rows.

The MacBU has partnered with AnalystSoft to provide a replacement for the VBA- …

The data in an Excel Table is nicely addressed. Meaning when you ask Excel for the address of the Table you get the data only and not the Header row or, if toggled, the Total Row. The Table above starts in row 4 of the worksheet with a Header and ends in row 43 because the Total Row is toggled on.

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The first line is the VBA code asking for … Read the rest. With ActiveSheet. InchesToPoints 0. I usually put a name to each data table created for referencing information in in Excel, as in a Named Range. Inserting a row inside this range will automatically expand the reference for the Named Range, but normally a user would add data to bottom of the … Read the rest.

It takes four inputs: Year, Month, Week, and Day.

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And requires a couple of lookup tables for data validation, one with special formatting. Microsoft realizes this was a mistake, and has promised to reinstate VBA in the next version of Office for Mac.

Question : I am not able to download EZAnalyze. What is the problem? Answer: The download must complete in 60 seconds, or the website closes the connection. When the dialog box appears asking you to Open or Save the file, you should select Save. Even slow internet connections should be able to download any of the available files quickly, so if you are having trouble be sure to stop downloading any other programs that may be using your internet connection.

Analysis toolpak add-in mac excel 2008

Question : I have a German or Portuguese installation of Excel. Why doesn't EZAnalyze work? Answer: EZAnalyze Version 3.

Installing Excel Toolpak (Data Analysis) on Mac

People with Excel installations other than English should consider using Version 2. Answer: You need to have a workbook open to 'manually' install EZAnalyze. To create a new blank workbook, go to the File menu and select New, then select Blank Workbook.

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Answer: In Version 3. Return to Top. Please look at online help and the User Manual and Tutorials - many questions can be answered there. You can uninstall the Google Desktop recommended, particularly if you do not use it , or you can use the 'Password Prompt Fixer', which is a free download located at Add-Ins.

Answer: Try single-clicking on any cell in your data sheet, then try the EZAnalyze menu again. The EZAnalyze menu will not work if you have double clicked on a cell or a worksheet tab because Excel thinks you are trying to edit something, and will not let you do anything else until it knows you are done editing. This is a 'feature' that prevents EZAnalyze menus from piling up.

Close and reopen Excel, and the menu will reappear. Question: EZAnalyze works until I try to use the "new variable" function. Answer: On some computers, you need to change the macro security setting to be lower. Go to the Tools menu, select Macro, then Security. Move the security setting to be one lower than it is, select OK, then restart Excel by closing and opening it. Double-clicking on ezanalyze. Question: Chi Square doesn't seem to work properly.

Answer: There is a known problem with the Chi Square function that appears occasionally when there is only one value in your rows variable.