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For us - or Infinity Ward - to think it could is ignorance. It's worth noting that you don't have to play the campaign if you don't want to.

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There is still the less troubling multiplayer - a CoD staple - which has a multitude of modes to keep you occupied, including a co-op option. We'll come back to those in more detail later on.

However, you won't unlock most of the game's Operators unless you complete the campaign. Multiplayer is Call of Duty's bread and butter, largely responsible for the franchise's loyal fan base. And while it largely remains unchanged, the game introduces a few features introduced that makes things a lot smoother. For one, Modern Warfare has console-PC cross-play for the first time in the franchise's history. So new maps, modes and missions will be available to everyone at the same time - finally.

And this crossplay introduction doesn't seem to have affected the matchmaking in a huge way, it still takes only a few seconds to be sorted into a multiplayer match. In addition, there's a couple of new multiplayer modes on top of the classics like Team Deathmatch for you to try out. Firstly, there's Gunfight which is an intense 2v2 mode where two teams play in multi-round cage matches across three small custom maps. Every two rounds, teams swap to opposite sides of the map. All four players will have the same loadout which will typically be comprised of a primary and secondary weapon as well as a tactical grenade and a piece of lethal equipment.

The first team to win six rounds are the winners. If you prefer bigger teams, then you can enjoy 6v6, 10v10 and 20v20 matches - alongside a new mode called Ground War which supports up to players and is essentially a large scale, much longer match. While these modes are an interesting change, they don't do huge amounts to shake up the Call of Duty formula. So if you're happy with a tighter version of the usual CoD multiplayer with a dash of new content then you should be pleased.

Remember, there's no Zombie mode this time around, but killstreaks and perks are back. Special Ops is divided into two game modes: missions and operations. Operations are multiplayer-only matches that feature unique objectives and a certain amount of freedom in terms of how you approach it.

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Missions, meanwhile, can be played with others or solo. These missions are less sprawling than Operations and more focused on testing your skills with certain weapons or tools. On completing a mission, your performance will be given a star rating.

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Special Ops is a nice palate cleanser between quickplay multiplayer modes, when you fancy a bit more direction and narrative but also want to work with others. Modern Warfare is stunning: every facial expression, each detail-clad environment and beautifully-shot cinematic. We were playing on a standard PS4 and were still blown away by the graphics. Each cinematic feels like stepping into an interactive war epic, while being a London resident we can say that the details of maps such as Piccadilly circus are pretty spot on - even if they're largely fictionalized.

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It's no surprise as Modern Warfare uses a brand new engine for the series, the first time the games have used a new engine in 14 years. And we're definitely big fans. It's worth bearing in mind that if you choose to play on a Nvidia ray tracing capable GPU, then you can enjoy even better graphical performance. Other games have struggled to dethrone Call of Duty as the king of first-person shooters and Modern Warfare is a testament to this. The gunplay in Modern Warfare is tight and incredibly smooth, with each bullet feeling suitably weighty and every kill feeling earned. Likewise, movement is fluid, though the restricted mantling is a bit of a pain, allowing you to quickly manoeuvre through maps with relative ease - there's even the ability to slide now thanks, Apex Legends.

While the UI itself is clean and simple, you have the option in some cases to make things more "realistic" by removing it altogether. This means you simply see what your player would see, without any directions on how much ammo you have, what guns are in your arsenal or where you are on the map. It's considerably more difficult, and one for those who appreciate a challenge. What we found most interesting about Call of Duty's combat is how much more aware players need to be of their environment - as you would in a real war.

As previously mentioned, one foot out of place resulted in an IED explosion but actually the game - particularly the campaign - is riddled with these scenarios: tripwires, clandestine enemies, and dangers that push you to stay constantly aware.

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And the enemies themselves arguably showcase this best. Most of Modern Warfare's enemies don't actually look like a stereotypical enemies at all. There's no malevolent man twirling his moustache or a clearly marked Nazi looming over you, instead you have plain-clothed NPCs - most of the time.

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  7. This seems like an to attempt to teach you a whole new lesson about being trigger-happy. The immediate reaction in CoD levels is to run and gun, clear rooms and shoot your way to victory. But actually, you need to be a bit more aware of who you're shooting at. For example, in a level involving an incident in the Embassy, you are clearing the building of terrorists, ultimately running from room to room lighting up the bad guys.

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    However, some have grabbed Embassy employees as hostages. Something you maybe don't realize, as you run down halls and immediately shoot everyone on sight before noticing one was a civilian and having to question whether to restart the mission to lift that guilt. This is made even harder in scenarios when the lighting is dim or smokey, where you can often find yourself accidentally shooting members of your own team before failing and being told "friendly fire will not be tolerated".

    The shooting of civilians, on the other hand, will. The civilian casualties feel like a point Infinity Ward is trying to make that once again feels uncomfortable - both in moralism and in practice. Often civilians are almost impossible to avoid, especially when you're in the full swing of things.

    But it feels like a commentary on how 'easy' it is for military personnel to accidentally kill civilians in those situations. It's an extremely complex issue, and it's not Infinity Ward's place to explore it. When it comes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the story, obviously, is troubling. While we can't cover all the aspects of it, we can't help but feel that Infinity Ward overstepped moral boundaries in its quest to deliver something more impactful to players. In our opinion, it is not Infinity Ward's place to be trying to teach people about the 'moral conflicts' involved in war through a videogame, as it will never truly capture that experience.

    Alongside a campaign, there will be competitive multiplayer and a cooperative mode. The competitive multiplayer features match types housing as little as four players and as large as plus players. One of the new game modes, Gunfight, takes place on small maps and features 2v2 warfare with lightning quick rounds. Each player spawns with the same weapon each round, so there are no custom loadouts. You have to win with the weapons handed to you at the start of the round.

    Gunfight is first to six wins, with rounds lasting longer than about a minute being halted as draws. Downed players can be revived throughout the first-to-five win mode. Larger maps will hold plus player Ground Wars, a new variant with player teams tasked with securing points on the map. The high player count Ground Wars is essentially a battle royale replacement. More new modes outside of the three announced will be available in Modern Warfare alongside multiplayer staples such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Headquarters.

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    Modern Warfar e is bringing back killstreaks, in-game rewards earned after killing multiple enemies in a row. You can have three different killstreaks assigned at once. During our time spent previewing the game, we saw that the most basic killstreaks such as radar start at three kills, while more useful bonuses require 10 or more kills.

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    For instance, the Juggernaut requires 15 kills to activate. Infinity Ward redesigned the weapons system for Modern Warfare. Expect more accurate recoil, gun design, and more meaningful changes based on attachments.

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    Each weapon can have five attachments equipped at once. You can also change attachments mid-game. In the multiplayer lobby, you can visit the Gunsmith to see 3D-scanned images of each weapon and see how their look and effectiveness in various stat categories changes as you switch attachments.

    Along with the new feel and gameplay modes, Modern Warfare introduces some new mechanics. Guns can be mounted to both horizontal and vertical barriers, such as ledges and door frames, for increased stability. Night vision goggles can be used when playing on maps after sunset. With night vision on, the HUD is turned off. You can also move quicker across the map with Super Sprint, a new run that raises your weapon in the air to increase speed. Activision did not, however, elaborate if this means you will be able to play with both Xbox and PlayStation players at the same time, or if the two groups will remain separate.

    In another move that falls in line with its competition , Modern Warfare is ditching the season pass system Call of Duty has been using for over a generation. New maps and post-launch content will be free for all players.