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This game introduces a new foe: The xenophobic Empire of the Rising Sun.

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The game also features a cinematic story line -- the longest in the franchise's existence, with a full hour of cinematic cut-scenes -- including some over-the-top action and hammy acting from big-name Hollywood talent, such as Tim Curry, Jonathan Price, Peter Stormare and George Takei. In this installment, the Soviets, desperate to find a way to beat back the Allies, invent a time machine to eliminate Albert Einstein before the creation of technologies which will lead the Allies to victory.

Indeed their efforts yield fruit--the Allies are on the ropes, but a new superpower--the Empire of the Rising Sun--has appeared. The game features cooperative multiplayer support, either online with other players Mac or PC or with computer-controlled players, along with an increased emphasis on naval warfare. Could be worth a look.

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Works great on Mac, though read the download page, I think you need to install Mono first. If you boot the game and your mouse beachballs, just leave it, it's actually doing stuff, I think it has to do this the first time and shouldn't need to do it again. Just give it a few minutes, don't close it, it shouldn't happen again if you let it hang once.

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After you found the game you want to download select View All Downloads and there will be a Mac option. You can try using Virtual Box to run a windows VM on the mac, then install those freeware games on that. Or you can look into setting up Boot Camp to install windows on the Mac.

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It's a wrapper that uses Wine to run windows applications on Mac. Red Alert.

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Command and Conquer. Theres a bunch of tutorials that tell you how to install Porting Kit itself and the games. The games are a little unstable on Porting Kit though.

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I've had them lock up on me a few times. I'd recommend trying Porting Kit first, its really easy, but just be sure to save often so you don't lose a bunch of progress on a mission.

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This is great but it's all still to complicated for my pops. Any new games out there that I can just buy? It's strange that the only real option out there for mac are 20 year old games