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Now you can click any item to view the password or make changes. Double click a field user name, password, etc.

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  3. How to Use AutoFill in Safari for OS X and macOS Sierra;
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Change AutoFill preferences in Safari on Mac

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Set Safari AutoFill email address preferences in OS X | RAW Mac

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How to Manage Safari Autofill Information on iOS

January 20, The order of email addresses below the first does not matter. Apple apps. Log in to post comments.

With AutoFill, Safari can automatically fill in your credit card information, contact information from the Contacts app, passwords, and more. It can also create a strong password for you when you set up a password on a website.

Set Safari AutoFill email address preferences in OS X

Fields where Safari has entered information are highlighted in yellow. In the Safari app on your Mac, do any of the following:.

Automatically fill in information from your stored credit cards: Choose from a list of your stored credit cards when making a purchase. You must enter it manually each time you use the card on a website. Add or remove a stored credit card: In the Safari app on your Mac, start typing any name from your contacts to autofill their details.