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ColorBurst Overdrive has very fine screening and the capability to reproduce extremely fine detail which is lost when using many software RIPs. Overdrive is a PostScript software RIP that uses new advances in colourmanagement and printing technology to deliver high-end colour, accurate proofing and Pantone matching for any inkjet printer.

Support for any paper is immediately available due to the universal nature of Overdrive's colourmanagement.

Produce Quality Prints on a Range of Large Format Printers.

Overdrive now takes full advantage of the multi-core processors in today's machines, so processing is significantly faster. A new visual interface lets you preview the selected file, and the Job List now contains scalable thumbnails.

Neil Barstow Colour Management

Proofing accuracy and text quality are improved with version 2. Overdrive Layout is included with every licence of Overdrive.

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Internal testing shows Overdrive 2 consistently achieves a Delta E ab average of 0. Adobe black point compensation built-in Output matches Adobe Photoshop exactly, so Photoshop users get expected results from Overdrive without the hassle of setting Photoshop's colour settings and print dialog for output. New visual interface in Overdrive 2 offers includes a Preview and scalable thumbnails in the Job List Files and folders can be dropped directly into the Job Manager, opened from the File Open menu, placed or saved to the optional Hot Folder, or even dropped on the Overdrive application icon Jobs can be reordered, deleted, or placed on hold to be processed later.

Print directly from image-editing and layout applications, such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator Select the Overdrive printer from in the Print dialog to send files directly to Overdrive Job Manager. Print to the Overdrive Hot Folder locally or across a network Automatically scan the Hot Folder at a user-defined interval. The main workspace is split up into four sections: 1 the top — your main menu, 2 the left — your media library, 3 the center — your canvas, 4 the right — templates and image properties.

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PrinTao comes with preset templates so you can nest your prints quickly for a simple setup and minimal wasted space. Using the other options on the right, you can quickly add more pages to your print queue, change image properties, change cell properties, and print. Resizing is as simple as click-grabbing a corner of the image and enlarging or reducing it. You can move your images by simply clicking and dragging.

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Additionally, each image is given a small set of controls to easily flip, rotate, mirror, or increase the size that pops up when you click on the image. The queue lets you send multiple print jobs in line, and prioritize them according to your deadlines. If you are running multiple printers, no problem!

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You can re-order, hold, or cancel jobs directly from the Queue Manager all while watching the jobs get processed and printed in real time. This will surely help maximize your printing workflow. Wrapping up this review now though, both Canons and Epsons are fully supported.

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Have you have been frustrated with over-complicated printing software? Do you want to save time setting up your files for printing? Do you want the ability to queue up and prioritize your print jobs?

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Have you been searching for a simple RIP-like program? PrinTao 8 is all this and more. From start to finish, this makes getting amazing prints as easy as possible! You can view their entire line up and all of the pricing here. Have you tried PrinTao? Have any other questions or comments?