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If you want to make a better comparison based purely on the money, you should look at all the options You could also do what I just did I bought a used MacPro for cheap and put in an SSD, nVidia , and more ram and have a genuine MacPro running really fast for about the same as a hackintosh would have cost. With the upgrades it's performance is fairly comparable to the latest macs and hackintoshes without the hassles. I'm curious, what Mac pro did you buy? I'm seeing used and refurbished mac pros on ebay for dollars.

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I'm thinking about building a Hack Pro for the purpose of using Resolve 9. I think the hackintosh is a total waste of time for any professional. Free tech support goes a long way when you have billable hours to clients.

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Thanks for the great site Koo. I just pulled the trigger and purchased your hackintosh config off amazon hope you get the commission. This is my first hackintosh build so I'm looking forward to the experience--planning to dual boot it with Win8 and eventually with Ubuntu too. I do however have to recognize that I can no longer isolate myself from the Apple world.

More importantly, I can't let my bias influence my kids when it comes to using computers and I think they should get a taste of all the various flavors of OS's out there. I figure this build is the ideal system to achieve that--one that's not limited in resources and power and one that's affordable as well.

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I do have a couple questions about your configuration and hardware choices however: 1. The Ivy Bridge has a pretty good HD integrated graphics engine -- does that get bypassed or does the nVidia GeForce card work with it and split up graphics tasks? I'm kind of interested in it's WIDI functionality 2. Your 'Pro' build has a mobo with built in wifi and bluetooth -- does this not work with mountain lion?

I plan on going the Snow Leopard route initially to get a feel for things and then upgrade to Mountain Lion -- will Snow Leopard work on this system or is this only a "bridge" solution to get to Mtn Lion? Thanks again for putting up this site and hours of work it must have taken. The only exception I can think of is DaVinci Resolve, where you might be able to power your monitor from the buil-in port and use the GTX just for processing -- but I don't know if the built-in graphics are even powerful enough to power your monitor with Resolve.


The built-in WiFi is not recognized as an Apple Airport. You want the add-on card. I couldn't get the built-in bluetooth to work and so I spent the few bucks for the dongle rather than try to find a workaround; YMMV. You shouldn't. Try clearing the CMOS button around back. Try removing all but one stick of RAM. Is your GPU hooked up to the power supply properly? It could be a number of things, if I fail to help you I'd also post to tonymac as they have more people that can help than just one!

As I have read on Tonymac, you can only use the Thunderbolt display on the MB thunderbolt connectors. If you want to use the discrete GPU you need to use a Cinema display with mdisplayport instead. The mounting points, slots etc. I've just sold my MacBook Pro and raised enough money to build the exact machine in your article.

Usually the only problems are with upgrading -- if you install a new version of the OS, for example, you may need to re-do the MultiBeast steps. There have been a couple hiccups here and there with Wi-Fi connectivity and eSATA ports but overall after a couple of years of using it I'd say it's been pretty damn stable. If you run a business, I would think you would be more concerned about running illegal software than saving a few bucks.

Mac OS X is licensed for Apple hardware only. The motherboard on Kickstarter is amazing. Possibly installation over network. If your Mac can't make the jump to Mountain Lion, you may still want to upgrade to Snow Leopard or Lion, if you haven't already. If your Mac is running the latest OS it can support, you'll be able to receive software updates, and more importantly, security updates, for as long as possible. Apple usually provides security updates for the current version of the OS, as well as the previous two versions of the OS.

It Just Got Really Easy to Install Mac OS X Lion on Your Hackintosh | Cult of Mac

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He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated September 27, Select About This Mac from the Apple menu. Click the More Info button. Make sure Hardware is selected in the Contents list. Enter the following command at the Terminal prompt:. While 8 GB is enough for the OS and the apps that come with it, there won't be much space left for user data or additional apps.

I recommend 60 GB or more for a single user who has a mid to large collection of apps and user data. You will need a better video card. There are a lot of PCIe graphics cards out there that will work in a MAC but they don't boot EFI which essentially means you will get a black screen during boot up until the boot has completed - then the video card will switch on.

This is only an issue is you have to boot into a separate hard drive or a Bootcamp partition.


Modernizing the Mac Pro 1,1 to Go Beyond OS X Lion

You will have to find a fully Mac Compatible video card if you want boot screen graphics. Apple places checks in the installer so that it will only work with certain motherboards. Part of the tweak to the installer involves adding your system's board ID to the installer so it will pass a check and install. There are tools and instructions for how to rebuild the installer for Mountain Lion uses MlPostFactor which is a "patched" install and not native - certain kernel level functions will fail such as "Bootcamp" also Little Snitch and Hands Off will not work Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan.

No real advanced knowledge or manual editing of system files is required. I also recommend adding an Airport Extreme wireless card and a Bluetooth card for your machine.

What you need to run OS X Mountain Lion on your Mac

I don't think you will find a Bluetooth card for the MacPro 1,1 that will work with OS X's "Handoff" feature but if you are using an iPhone you will want it to be able to sync with your Mac Pro without having to plug it in, so you will need the AirPort and the Bluetooth to get the most out of your Mac. They are easy to find, relatively easy to install and are fairly cheap.

Instructions for how to perform these upgrades can be found here.

OSX Mountain Lion 10.8 Preview (Hackintosh)

It will not run macOS Sierra We have two MacPro1,1s running El Capitan. Our steps are:.

Create A PC Hackintosh Running OS X Mountain Lion With The New UniBeast Tool

Each step can be involving, and we have taken a few iterations to get it right. It can be done. The result is good. I do not think you can officially install Mavericks. I believe Mavericks will requires a 64 bit EFI. Your Mac has 64 bit processors, but the EFI is 32 bit. BTW, you can install Windows 10 before having to buy a license. If you decided to keep Windows 10, you would need the license to activate. A Mac Pro 1,1 could be any of those.

All of them can run This system can run the last version of OS X However, although it has a bit processor, it has a bit EFI and cannot boot in bit mode.