How do you format a wd hard drive for mac and pc

Now repeat this process for Windows. As far as partitioning goes, Macs have it a little bit easier. Step 1 : To start, your first step will be to find Disk Utility.

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The easiest way to access Disk Utility is by searching for it in Spotlight Search in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Step 2 : With Disk Utility open, locate the hard drive you want to partition and select Partition. In the Partition Information category, specify the name and size of each partition.

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Format Hard Drive for Use on Mac AND PC

The best monitor for the MacBook Pro 1 day ago. And format your WD Passport drive using one of those options.

How to Reformat WD Hard Drive for Mac in Windows?

It could take several hours to fully write over the drive. And at least you can rest easier. And know it will take way more effort to recover anything from your sold My Passport hard drive. Along with password protection for the drive. The WD Security software controls and manages the hardware encryption. You might not want to when I describe a possible situation. And prefer to use the options provided by Mac OS for encrypting your hard drive.

And to use Mac OS to add a password. Because, without the WD Security software installed.

How to Get External Hard Drive to Work With Mac OS X

Plus when you share your My Passport drive between several Macs, the software must be on those Macs as well. Imagine your Mac has failed. But wait the backup you need is on the My Passport drive. And to get to that backup you need the WD Security software installed.

You can encrypt your data. There have been quite a lot of discussions on various forums with many people having problems formatting hard drives. I am sure Apple will produce a fix soon. But in the mean time to format My Passport for Mac try these suggestions. Go to Disk Utility and expand the external hard drive list there step 4 above.

If your My Passport drive shows up in the list go ahead and format. Then try again on the Mac. This software allows you to check the disk health and you can format to HFS using that software. There are other options which are more complex if the above has not worked for you.

Check out my resources section below to see the discussion threads.

Formatting Your WD My Passport for Your Mac

Apple thread on High Sierra Problems. Mac Rumors thread on High Sierra Problems. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table Of Contents. First power up your Mac. Start up the Disk Utility application. Pick your WD My Passport in the external hard drive list. Look to the top of your Disk Utility window and select Erase. Click on Erase.

How to share an external hard drive between Mac and Windows

How to set up encryption and a password to secure your My Passport hard drive. What now? A for instance for you. External Drive Icon on Desktop. Finder Preferences. Finder Preferences pick to Show External Drive. Spotlight Search Symbol. Disk Utility In Spotlight Search. Internal and External Drives List. Disk Utility View Option. Select Erase.

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File System Formats. Right Click to Eject External Drive.

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WD My Passport Blue. Format Security Options Button. Erase Process Failed.