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I thought about doing that for Karelia but I'm worried that idea has already "jumped the shark. Though it's geared toward Web-based applications, it has some good advice that should apply to Mac applications as well. In fact, you'll see a familiar icon in Tip 2 that is a Mac application! The AppStorm website may be worth browsing around; they have a Mac section that looks very nice! I came across this wonderful presentation by Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, linked via the ever-useful twitter feed smashingmag. So useful, in fact, that I don't actually folow the feed — I subscribe to it in NetNewsWire, using a script I wrote that turns the embedded URLs into links for the feed itself so it's easy to open the linked pages.

But I digress. Dropbox Startup Lessons Learned. It's astonishing how Dropbox was able to enter an already crowded field and come to dominate. Their word-of-mouth techniques worked rather well, of course. It's interesting to note that Dropbox used to have a paid referral program but they no longer do.

I guess they felt they no longer needed it. You can skip until about the four minute mark if you don't want to hear a lot of company history, and really the main point of the talk doesn't start until Of course he covers a lot more than just marketing in this talk. The content that is related to marketing includes understanding Search Engine Optimization SEO and website analytics, giving out special information and licenses to bloggers, issuing press releases, and making yourself known in the Mac community.

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He also introduces a good technique to paying attention to how much money your company is making on an hourly basis which, to me, is helpful when judging when you should consider paying somebody to handle some tasks for you, as I mentioned in my previous post. Overall, some good advice! I, however, will not be trying to emulate his getting up at four in the morning! Some recent discussion on the MacSB list about what kind of system people recommend for handling technical support got me thinking that what is important for dealing with support is not what tool, but who is doing it.

One of the best things that has happened for us engineers at Karelia is when we found somebody who could handle front-line technical support for us. If you can hire somebody, part-time, to handle your support inquiries and, as it often turns out, sales inquiries as well , and insulate you from all but the most complicated cases, it means that you can focus on the engineering that you are good at. You're welcome, Kevin.

What does this have to do with marketing? OK, maybe this is just a little bit off-topic, but really the idea here is that if there is something that you are not that strong at, and you would rather focus your time on something that you are better at, then you should find some help.

And of course that means marketing as well as tech support.

Previous interviews: John Fox djembe on Twitter is the creator of MemoryMiner , a cool application used to "discover the threads connecting peoples' lives across time and place. At his prior company WebWare, he created a rather sophisticated web-based application used by the likes of Martha Stewart, Sony Pictures, Harvard Business School, et al.

His goal with MemoryMiner has been to create a great tool for the recording and sharing of individual life memories which in turn could be aggregated on a massive scale. The end goal which he admits is a huge undertaking is to create a network of first-person accounts of modern society and culture that can be browsed by people, place and time. This interview with Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba is the tenth in a series of interviews I've held with indie software developers about marketing Mac software.

Rogue Amoeba makes cool applications like the home audio streamer Airfoil, Audio Hijack Pro, the Radioshift audio recording tool, and the audio editor Fission. He can be found on Twitter as PBones. I handle the myriad tasks that let our top-notch programmers keep programming. That's a litany of things, from marketing and PR to interviews to all sorts of boring paperwork.

Probably what I enjoy most is product design and development, working with our coders and designer to determine what we'll include in a new app, or an update. This sort of process takes knowledge gained from talking to customers, reviewers, reporters, and more, and distills it down, to shape what the future will be. I find that fascinating, and rewarding.

One of the main goals when selling software is getting people to be aware of your product so they will buy it. There are something like 25 million Mac users out there, probably more, who could conceivably buy your application. But the fact is, a good A while back, I wrote a post " 15 Suggestions for Marketing your iPhone Application " in which I suggested you work on having a website for your iPhone application so that you can get found in Google.

The Impact of iTunes Web Preview " which shows that Apple's new, rich web previews take care of a lot of the criticisms I had of their launching pages. I still think it is a good idea for an iPhone or iPad, for that matter developer to have their own website, where they have much better control over their content and can do more to convince the website visitor how cool your application is.

But at least Apple's change will help as well; the advice in the article I've linked to is good stuff! It's possible using any number of website analytics tools such as Google Analytics , Mint , or just the tools that may be provided by your Internet host, to get a sense of how people who visit your website found out about it. It's a great way to see what your major referrers are.

This one is a bit tricker, because it means tracking visitors all the way from their first visit through their purchase, but it is more revealing.

7 Awesome Mac Applications for Internet Marketing

How can you do something like this for yourself? Well, it depends a lot on how your store works, but I'll outline the basics. First off, you need to set a cookie when they arrive at any page of our website and the cookie has not yet been set. If the value is empty such as when somebody types in the URL, or clicks on a link to your website from an email message , I find that it's better to set a placholder like "direct" so I know for certain that we didn't have a known referrer.

One of my favorite websites these days is Smashing Magazine. Generally geared toward web development and designers, it has enough tidbits that keep me subscribed to their RSS feed and their prolific Twitter stream. In fact, there is little in the article that is specific to mobile or iPhone apps. So go check it out!

7 Awesome Mac Applications for Internet Marketing

This interview with Gedeon Maheux of the Iconfactory is the ninth in a series of interviews I've held with indie software developers about marketing Mac software. Ged blogs and tweets , of course. Can you start by telling our readers about the kinds of marketing activities you do at the Iconfactory? We've experimented with different types of marketing over the years, but the tried and true ones that work best for us include:.

Analytics are absolutely essential when it comes to online marketing. Information about your customers, their demographics and behavioral patterns is essential when it comes to directing your campaigns in the future.

When it comes to content marketing, you need to be aware of SEO, and bright edge is a great way of monitoring that. One of the main advantages of digital marketing is being able to communicate directly with individuals, and this app helps you ensure a truly individual experience for your users.

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Digital marketing is growing and expanding, and with that the rules change regularly, and only the best digital marketers are able to keep up. However, using the tools listed above can help ensure that your brand stays ahead of the competition by maintaining a strong online presence. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby. You can find her on LinkedIn.

Top 15 Essential Online Tools and Apps for Digital Marketers Digital marketing has quickly become one of the most important aspects of all businesses, both large and small. The following tools are a great way of staying on top of your current campaign: Visible Many digital marketers take shots in the dark when posting on social media. Paper Fellows When you first start writing blog posts or social media posts for your online campaign, it can be hard to know where to start.

Socioboard Managing multiple online profiles, potentially for a number of pages can be a challenge, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the different updates that come from each page. Hoot Suite This app allows you to monitor multiple social media profiles, as well as track hashtags and review analytics. Deciding what info to mention in the document. Document Structuring: The organization of the conveyed information.

Merging of similar phrases or sentences to improve naturalness and readability. Lexical Choice: Assigning appropriate words to the core concepts. Referring Expression Generation: A 'MacBook' refers to an equivalent 'Apple laptop'. The nitty-gritty of assembling the document then performing syntax, CopyScape, grammar and spell checks. When complete, a blurred article preview will show you a few snippets or sentences of the document in clear, readable form.

Generally, it displays one sentence in each paragraph to give you some sense of the article's style and content. It will save this draft and you can then optionally buy the full, plain text article - or ignore it and try generating a completely new one based on the same key phrase or perhaps with slight modifications. Buying an article somewhat 'blindly' without being able to fully review it is a bit frustrating.

But so is outsourcing an article , sometimes waiting days for completion, and unless you're using a known writer never really knowing what the end result will be until after it's delivered. To a large amount of people, writing is just placing words in logical, orderly way to convey a note or set of thoughts. Granted, that's give or take what article writing is about. Not all posts are written with the awareness of search engines. SEO writing is the procedure for writing copy or an article with the search engines in head.

It is a procedure for tuning a bit of writing you might say that the internet search engine will love and enjoy. In order to write an efficient SEO writing, some rules and codes should be applied. Not perfect. With a proofread and few tweaks to the phrasing, I was ready to publish the finalized article within minutes. In 9 out of 10 articles I've auto-generated, I personally felt: Most articles or blog posts typically have a highly structured Introduction, Main Content Sections, and then an Ending Summary format.

Paragraphs should implicitly begin with a Topic Sentence, which the other sentences support. It's not clear that Articoolo can replicate this high-level document organization well, although in the above example, the 1st paragraph is a reasonable Introduction opening.

You're often left to re-arrange what it writes, and likely supplement it to make it a better read from beginning to end. Honestly, I think the credit system and pricing should be based on the actual number of words delivered. When I've specified the word maximum, the resulting articles are often only words in length regardless. Always opt for the word setting and you'll typically get 4 instead of 3 paragraphs of workable content.

Outsourcing articles typically costs 3 to 10 times as much - even more for Premium, vetted writers. The time delays in receiving articles is frustrating too when time is money. Generate as many as you wish and preview the results.