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You can name the folder anything you want. Please help, i understand your directions better than the other tutorials… Thanx. Thanks for your detailed feedback, it will help me to improve the content. From your description, it sounds like one of two problems: 1 you created the folder, but did not install joomla!

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Is it a folder? A file? The fix for this is to move all the contents from the folder. How do I fix this??? You can check you php version by entering localhost into your browser. Clicking on whatever language you are comfortable with probably English. In the left-hand column orange in colour , at the top will be the header XAMPP, beneath it will be the php version number which, in my case, is 5.

As far as I know, support for it is either compiled into the php or not. I could be wrong. Hopefully, if you can provide feedback, we can solve this together. Do you have any Idea what I am doing wrong?

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My best guess is that you have Joomla! XAMPP 1. Unfortunately, Joomla! Aside from rewriting Joomla! I am very new to Joomla but was able to install it following the instructions. Thanks for the detailed information. With this documentation i was installed Joomla without any obstacles. I am new to Joomla this documentation helps me alot ….. Just installed Joomla 1. Am new to joomla and had a bit of trouble installing but once I found this page it went really smooth.

Many thanks. Glad to hear you were able to resolve your problem. I am sure I have done sth wrong but I cannot find what. Plz any idea would be appreciative. You have to change the value in php. Afterwards, you need to restart Apache Server. Hi, Thanks for the steps. It worked for me. I am using Joomla 1. Thanks in advance.

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There is no problem with Joomla 1. You need to edit the PHP. You can find instructions on editting the PHP.

Joomla 3.6.4 Installation mit Xampp - Tutorial [German] [HD] [#009]

I have downloaded XAMP 7. When I type Access forbidden! It is either read-protected or not readable by the server. I appreciate your assistance! You might want to check this forum thread external site on how to do that. This might be because you have another http server running. But since it works, I assume Mac OS has already set this up for you.

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See this article external site for more info about enabling and I presume, disabling it. Please let me know how you make out with your problem. Thanks for asking. What I do wrong? Thanks, Rick. My best guess is that you are having folder directory access permission problems.

Configuring a XAMPP server for joomla development

If you are running Mac OS, folder permissions can also be a problem. See this comment. Under Linux, different distros have different file permissions. Some run you as root, others like Ubuntu run you at a lower priviledge. I hope this helps. Hello again, Thx for your response. The problem with the message is that it is vague — hopelessly so.

On further searching, it appears this error message comes from PHP files in the joomla!

Searching through the Joomla! Perhaps they have updated the message from earlier versions. Since Joomla! Perhaps this will cause the error to go away. Another possibility is that you are using a component or template that tries to access default. On the other hand, if this message is not coming from the Joomla! I am the new one for joomla. When I install joomla, I get error at step 4. Unless you have changed the user and password information, it should be localhost for the host name, root for the user, and the password field should be left empty. Of course, all this assumes you are trying to install Joomla! If you are trying to install Joomla!

Please let me know how things work out. Thanks for reply. It work now. I create new account at database. You should be able to. Instalation Fail On my localhost xampp for Windows 7. I've also made sure that I follow the steps as mentioned here for the installation of I've also made sure that I follow the steps as mentioned here for the installation of Joomla-4 alpha8 However, here I had no joy installing it. After more than 5 minutes I clicked a refresh on the page and it finally said "Congratulations I could ask "why" I can figure that out myself but I prefer to to say to the joomla-developers: Don't publish joomla-4 if it doesn't work.

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