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Screenshots are handy for employee training materials or standard operating procedure documentation, for example, because you can record step-by-step views of what appears onscreen. Apple includes Grab, a screen-capture utility on all Macs running Leopard, which enables you to print a screenshot as well as save the image file for future use.

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Grab enables you to take a shot of the entire screen, a single window or any portion of the screen that you select. An untitled image appears. Grab displays an unnamed screenshot showing just the window you chose. A dialog box appears. Click and drag the section of the screen that you want to make an image of.

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  5. One more cleanse and the total amount of space recovered was 6. Extremely easy to use cleaning tool for your Mac.

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    Overall, it was an easy way to get rid of junk on my computer. MacPaw put a lot of effort in creating a beautiful application And it's a real pleasure to use.

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    Most of all, it makes seem easy and user-friendly what it's not that easy, actually. CleanMyMac by MacPaw is an amazing bit of Mac utility software that has one purpose in life: to streamline your hard drive by getting rid of all the extraneous stuff that you probably don't know is there and almost certainly don't need. CleanMyMac is a beautiful application. The interface looks right at home on macOS because it is designed with the brushed metal theme and its clean, minimalist approach to the layout.

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