Mac os x classic environment not supported

Double-click the NetBoot9. Let the package installer run through the file extracting process.

ARCHIVED: In Mac OS X, what is the Classic environment, and how do I activate it?

After the package installer completes you may get an message that says " There were errors installing the software. Please try installing again.

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So I installed an OS 9. I found that hacks were needed when installing OS 9. Posted: Mon Apr 18, pm. Has anyone looked into whether there are any components of Classic that BII can salvage, i. I suppose it's probably a bit pointless now since Classic is dead and buried.

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  • I will try anyway the ISO and see what happens hoping not to brick the mini. Posted: Tue Apr 19, am. It's a vm instead of emulator 'coz it requires a PPC host. However, Mac-on-Mac itself does not run on Tiger or Leopard hosts. Posted: Thu Apr 21, am. It happens with full screen games e. My mini would run panther but I cannot find the original DVD to install it it requires a custom Posted: Tue May 10, pm.

    Mac mini going with Panther able to run mac-on-mac, which runs from OS 9 to 9. MOM runs fine but have some glitches. Posted: Sat May 28, am. Surprisingly, the iBook is much faster than Classics on the Mini, even with CPU intensive applications like doom, quake, duke nukem, the iBook leaves classics in the dust. The most recent build is from and even back then it was not exactly cutting edge.

    SheepShaver Brings Classic Mac OS to Snow Leopard

    TenfourFox is a fork of firefox and as such it is definitely more up to date. I bough that specific iBook so that i will be able to install also OS X from the Posted: Sun May 29, pm. Posted: Mon May 30, am. Classilla on the iBook is rather slow, scrolling a page is far from being smooth and loading time is not exactly instantaneous. Moreover is fails to render page on "modern" website such as tripadvisor but I have to admit I changed the user agent to a standard desktop as the mobile version of sites is too small on a x display Moreover yesterday tripadvisor almost crashed the iBook due to a bombing of error messages regarding a missing encryption protocol; what surprises me is that even websites that should render properly on a vintage mac e.

    TenFFox did not have similar problems, but I re-shelved the MacMini as It is essentially useless and I can no longer do side-by-side comparisons. Posted: Mon May 30, pm. Back when that hardware was common, attacks were more based on viruses and other attacks on the operating system and specific applications like MS Word. Modern cross-application attacks, heap attacks, browser exploits, etc.

    So as long as you've got Disinfectant running and don't load Word macros, there's not too much that can happen to you on your old machine, as long as your browser is using TLS 2. Posted: Sun Jun 05, am.

    Moreover is fails to render page on "modern" website such as tripadvisor but I have to admit I changed the user agent to a standard desktop as the mobile version of sites is too small on a x display. Posted: Sun Jun 05, pm. I'm not a big expert on the subject of internet security, but relaying on what is called "security through obscurity" is never a good idea What I'm most afraid of are websites which might still support old protocols to send sensitive data; old encryption protocols are easy prey of modern CPU and I hope almost no one still supports encryption which can be decrypted in a matter of minutes Anyway browsing the web on an old 68k or PPC Mac is mostly pointless: the only reason to use a web browser on MacOS 9 is to head to on-line abandonware archives macintosh garden and download the software straight on the mac without having to go through usb key, floppy of complicated network sharing.

    It's fun to play with emulators and old mac's, but their only reason to exist today is to run the software they supported back in their days. I'd like to try OS X Posted: Mon Jun 06, am. Here's one way to do it. Use a Mac that will boot to OS 9. A G3 iMac is great. Copy the folders on the hard drive to a USB drive.

    The only folder that you need to make Classic work, is the one name "System Folder". Copy that folder to a USB drive. Then, copy to your eMac.

    Classic, a Bridge to the Past

    You might need to restart. Open the System Preferences, and you should see the Classic pref pane. Open that Classic pane, and click the Start Classic button. You may need to select the OS 9 System folder from within that pane.

    E-Maculation • Classic Environment vs Emulation.

    OS 9 will boot into its own window, and you will have the OS 9-type menus on the top of the screen. This all will not work with OS X There's no Classic support, and it won't run. A USB 2. There are some older apps that cannot work in Classic, and require a Mac booted natively to OS 9.