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Not what you're looking for? Report 8 years ago 2. I'm mixed race so my skin tone is somewhere between Thandie Newton and Beyonce depending on lighting and how much time I have spent in the sun. Maybe it is the right shade 45 but not the right tone C vs W? I tried NC40 and it just looked ashy and too light despite being the correct colour!

Abi24 Badges: 3. Report 8 years ago 3. That being said i prefer how Illamasqua's foundation matches compared to MAC - suits my tone better. Report 8 years ago 4. Original post by babygirl I went to a Mac shop at bentalls in Kingston last week because I've been having problems with dry skin when using studio fix. Aijin Badges: 2. Report 8 years ago 5.


Lerone Badges: 0. Report 8 years ago 6. EasyA Badges: 1. Report 8 years ago 7. Report 8 years ago 8. HarajukuB Badges: 0. Report 8 years ago 9. Report Thread starter 8 years ago NC30 in Studio Fix Fluid should in theory be the same colour as NC30 in Select foundation , in reality the colours can be a little different across the formulations. So it's entirely possible you could be one shade in Studio Fix and another in Studio Sculpt. What I would recommend is that when you go back to the store, ask them to apply swatches of both the NW43 and NW45 on your jawline.

Allow it to dry for a couple of minutes then check in natural light - you'll very easily be able to see which one matches your skintone better. The only way to check if it's the right shade is to try it on - you wouldn't want to buy the NW45 only to find out when you get home that it's too dark! Report 8 years ago It looked totally off. I was left a bit puzzled as I've been using N45 studio fix for the last 4 years.

She applied NW43 studio fix when I was leaving the Mac studio just so that I went back out on the streets with make up on and it looked okay. Damsel Badges: 0. I'd suggest going into the store without makeup and try to determine what your natural skin undertone is, and choose a colour from either range. Get a sample and wear it in daylight, as the colour tend to look different under artificial lighting and natural daylight. And just as a guide, any colour from the NW family will always be darker than its NC counterpart, so NW 40 for example, will be darker than NC 40 due to the difference in undertone.

Sometimes you might need to combine two colours to find the blend that matches your skin perfectly. Hope this helps. NW has warm, yellow undertones whilst NC has cooler, pink undertones.

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They also have green-ish veins instead of blue-purpleish veins. Some people just look bad in both because they are "neutral" which may explain why Babygirl is struggling to find the right shade. ShadowConspiracy Badges: 0. Original post by babygirl That's what I've always been told at the Mac studio as well. Good point about the neutral bit. What does one do in such a situation? Lintu93 Badges: Deathly pale.

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I got told you should try a warmer foundation or mix both of them if you have two bottles. Original post by babygirl Oh yeah, my cousin mixes colours. I wonder how NW43 scuplt and N45 studio fix powder would work. Do you think that would be foundation overload? Quick Reply. Submit reply. Attached files. It takes time for the foundation to reach my sponge and it can get annoying — especially when you have used quite a bit, and the foundation is running out.

Other than that, this foundation has never caused breakouts. It stays put for a good hours, gives me a dewy, natural finish and blurs the pores on the corners of my nose.

Will I repurchase? I might have to think about it.

Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation

Because, though I have nothing negative to say about this foundation, I still feel I have used better ones with a much lesser price tag. I usually like products from MAC, but I have a different view about this one. I really tried to like this foundation, but every time, I find some problem with it.

To start with, the smell. But it smells very chemical for me. And also the container. It seems like the whole bottle is filled with the foundation, but the quantity starts midway.

Foundation Friday!! MAC Studio Fix Fluid VS MAC Pro Long Wear Nourishing Foundation

And the time for the foundation to reach my sponge seems like forever. But it does not work the same for dry skin. It is buildable but not so much. Because when I tried to cover my scar on my forehead, one application did not hide anything. When I tried to build it, after a while, that part became cakey. Other than that, it works well. It stays matte for a really long time, about hours with a little bit of touch up.

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No other foundation suits me like this one does. It makes the texture of my skin so smooth and gives a natural finish. I use the shade NW35 which perfectly matches my skin tone, and it covers the redness of my blemishes so finely. My forever foundation!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation (Various Shades) Customer Reviews

It can be dry for dry skin type, but that can be corrected by applying primer or a moisturizer as the base. Try mixing Studio Fix Fluid with your favorite moisturizer or oils to create a sheerer luminous finish. There are 60 shades available.

Following are the name of the shades and a guideline to choose the correct shade.