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If it copies correctly, then you may now write files to your external hard drive. Method 2.

Oh no, there's been an error

If the drive is formatted in a way that is write-compatible with OS X, your inability to write may be due to corruption or a faulty cable. Open Disk Utility. Navigate to your Applications folder, then to Utilities. Locate the application "Disk Utility", and open it. Select "Erase". From the tabbed menus, select Erase. Before proceeding, make sure that all personal data you wish to keep is backed up elsewhere. The reformatting procedure completely erases your data from the drive. Choose your preferred format.

There a few ways that Disk Utility can format your external hard drive. From the dropdown menu labeled "Format", select the format of your choice. You should choose depending on your intentions for your external hard drive. Can work with large file sizes. This is the best option for cross-platform compatibility.

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Completely incompatible with Windows computers. This is the best option if you intend to use your external hard drive exclusively with computers running Mac OS. This is the best option if you intent to use your external hard drive exclusively with computers running Windows.

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Click "Erase". This will prompt Disk Utility to commence reformatting your drive. For comparison, you should try writing to an NTFS disk image. You will see that it is considerably faster because you do have some caching in that case. The "Startup Disk" preference pane is simply filtering out that is, not displaying any mounted volumes that it does not consider bootable. Its definition of a Boot Camp volume includes that the mounted volume either be of type msdos or ntfs - this is hardcoded into the preference pane plugin.

This does not mean your Boot Camp volume has become unbootable.

It is merely not showing up in the graphical user interface. You can hold the "opt" key during startup and choose the Windows partition to boot from. Ignore Learn more.

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How to Enable NTFS Write Support in Mac OS X

Here's how to do a one-time mount using ntfs-3g coeur's answer but for one time use. This way doesn't require you to boot into safe mode or use csrutil at all. NB: using ntfs-3g is rumored to be "safer" for write access than the built-in "rw,nobrowse" mount option:. Or install it from Homebrew with:. One time mount replace disk1s1 with your values, discoverable by running a mount command after inserting the disk, you'll see a line like.

Does NTFS-3G support macOS High Sierra 10.13?

You'll get a popup "system extension blocked" click "Open Security Preferences" and click "Allow" next to the developer name Benjamin Fleischer. If you can't click the allow button, see here. Run the command again after clicking allow. It'll be good until you reboot.

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