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To move to the previous slide in your presentation, hit Page Up.

10 little-known keyboard shortcuts for editing in PowerPoint

This is a great trick when leading online training and webinars, as you can add notes live onscreen and bring attention to different areas of your slides. While in slideshow mode, after using the pen or highlight shortcuts to add into your slides in Slide Show mode you can either:. And if you do so a second time, you will make the ink re-appear. Be careful when erasing the Ink on screen as there is no way to un-erase that ink. Pointers and navigation button could be annoying to the audience.

While in Slideshow mode, this command display all the different slide show shortcuts you can use to quickly navigate your presentation. If you ever forget your shortcut, just hit F1. Displaying your taskbar is a fast and easy way to navigate between different documents and files on your computer without closing out of your presentation. For details on how to use hyperlinks in PowerPoint to create interactive presentations, click here. Note: Your hyperlinks and zoom slides will properly carry over when you convert your presentation to the PDF file format.

See details here. Hit the HOME key to move the beginning of a line.

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These List Level Shortcuts are extremely effective when filling in company templates as it properly uses the bullet spacing set on your Slide Master. This is entirely different than the Promote and Demote paragraph shortcuts.

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If you want to open the font dialogue box to performing font or font size changing operations, do the following:. While making a presentation, you frequently need to change the letters case between lowercase, uppercase, sentence case, etc. Knowing the shortcut will save time. Use the following command to perform change letters case:. To open up the spell check engine to double-check your spelling and grammar, hit the F7 function key. The "Format Dipper" is one of the fastest ways to pick up and apply formatting styles throughout your presentation.

The Paste Special shortcut gives you a variety of pictures format paste options for your content. To learn other cool things you can group and ungroup in PowerPoint, see our guide here. To move to the next cell, hit the TAB key.

To move to the previous row, hit the Down arrow key. To add a new row at the bottom of the table, move your cursor to somewhere on the bottom row of your table and hit the TAB key.

Playing a Video in PowerPoint on the Mac

This charting shortcut works in both PowerPoint and Excel, and is one of the fastest ways to drill down to the specific formatting options for your charts. To move your chart like any other object, simply hold the CTRL key down, and then click the chart with your mouse. Doing so selects your chart like any other object, allowing you to use the Arrow keys to move it around on your slide. Holding the SHIFT key and clicking on the Slide Sorter View icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen will take you to the Handouts Master View of your presentation, where you can customize the handouts for your presentation.

In Microsoft PowerPoint and , hold down the CTRL key , and in and hold the ALT key , and then select the Slide Show View icon in the lower right-hand of your screen to run a mini presentation in the upper left-hand corner of your deck. To see shortcut 52 through 57 in action, check out the hidden PowerPoint shortcuts video below. This shortcut adds a new blank slide to your presentation, based on the slide layout you were just on.

Hi the F12 function key to save your presentation with a different name, in a different location on your computer, or in a different file format. This shortcut opens the Find and Replace dialog box, allowing you to quickly replace text throughout your presentation. Be careful when using the 'Replace All' option, as it not only will cycle through the Normal View of your presentation, but all your Slide Master Views.

To take a screen capture of the current screen to the clipboard, hit the PrtSc Printscreen key. Note: The print shortcut works across the entire Microsoft Office suite and most other software programs you use. To learn how to print multiples slides on one page in PowerPoint, read our guide here.

This PowerPoint shortcut closes the active file you are using, without closing the PowerPoint application itself. This is an operating system shortcut, and works in all the Microsoft Office programs. This is a Windows-level operating-level shortcut and can be used with any program you are running on your computer.

After closing out of all of your active applications, this shortcut can shut down or restart your computer too. To learn other application level shortcuts in Windows 10, see our guide here. Use the following shortcuts for the given tasks in the new PowerPoint version. Note, these PowerPoint shortcuts all work in PowerPoint as well. However, because the shortcuts above work in a wider variety of programs, I recommend memorizing them instead. Once zoomed out, you can use your Arrow keys to navigate around. Once zoomed in, you can use your Arrow keys to navigate around.

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Hitting this shortcut once collapses your Ribbon commands into the top of your screen, giving you more uncluttered work space in PowerPoint. When you want to see all your Ribbon commands again, just hit this shortcut a second time. Note: This shortcut can easily get cross up with the Ribbon Collapse shortcut. To see a full demo of this, check out our article here. While the following shortcuts didn't make our top 80 favorite PowerPoint shortcuts list, these shortcuts are still extremely value to know and use.

The more you can copy objects that you have already set up, the more time you will save. You can also unlock your clipboard copy to pick up multiple objects in one go see video below. Remember, your goal in PowerPoint is to finish your slide deck, not remake everything from scratch. So to the extend that you can Copy and Paste objects, slides and formatting, the better off you will be. That's why if you use PowerPoint on a daily basis, I highly recommend committing to your shortcuts. If you enjoyed this in-depth post and want to learn more about our PowerPoint Speed Training courses and other resources, visit us here.

Discover 4 weird little PowerPoint tricks that will save you 40 hours of heartache and frustration in PowerPoint this year Join for free today. We collect and protect your information in accordance to our Privacy Policy. Creating a PowerPoint presentation is no small task! The Benefits of Using Keyboard Shortcuts. Tips for Mastering Your Shortcuts.

Here are a few other tips to make learning your PowerPoint shortcuts as easy as possible:. Set learning goals. Put your shortcuts to use. PowerPoint Slide Shortcuts. Display the All Slides dialog box slideshow mode. Go to slide number in slideshow mode. Display a black or white slide in slideshow mode. For a black slide, press B or. Select all slides.

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Duplicate active slides. Start Slideshow from beginning. Start Slideshow from current slide. To move to the next slide in your presentation, hit Page Down. PowerPoint Pointers Shortcuts. Using the built-in laser pointer. Writing on your slide with a pen inking. Writing on your slide with a highlighter inking.

PowerPoint Shortcut Tip This is a great trick when leading online training and webinars, as you can add notes live onscreen and bring attention to different areas of your slides. Hide and erase ink onscreen inking. PowerPoint Shortcut Tip Be careful when erasing the Ink on screen as there is no way to un-erase that ink. Hide the pointer and navigation buttons.

PowerPoint Menu Shortcuts. Display the Shortcuts menu. Display the Slideshow Help shortcuts. Display the taskbar. PowerPoint Hyperlink Shortcuts. Insert a hyperlink. Select a hyperlink. Open a hyperlink. Align a paragraph.