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Go to Page ShapesBlue Apr Stuart Little Jul SlimSnoopOS Jun Zone Launcher lets you access your apps from any screen with one swipe October 31, Google Camera 7. Cometin is a collection of Android tweaks to improve your smartphone experience October 22, Tags This thread has automatically been categorized with the following tags. Click on any of the topics to find related threads. Root Tutorial. Thanks Meter : If you are not using a verizon SGS3 specifically model SCH-i then you do not have to worry about unlocking your bootloader as it comes unlocked by default.

If you are using a verizon samsung galaxy s3 model sch-i and you do not fully unlock your bootloader you could run into problems when using certain root apps such as "mobile odin pro" or you could run into big problems when trying to flash custom roms such as cyanogenmod roms. In this update I am adding one final step at the end of the root process to fully unlock the boot loader for the verizon samsung galaxy s3. There will be two ways to unlock the bootloader.

One way will be to flash a final bootchain file with Odin, and the other will be to use an app to unlock the bootloader. Depending on what version of android you are using and your phones baseband version you will either need to use odin or you could use the application for any android version such as 4.

I will leave the choice up to you, but I will show how to do it both ways. Samsung users, don't forget if you plan on flashing a custom rom that with Samsung phones you could get the ugly yellow triangle warning.


Thank you so much for providing that link to my attention, I am sure it will help many users here! Hello everyone, Well this is one of my first tutorials for this forum on how to root your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3. I just recently got my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 and all of the tutorials I found were quite complicated and not very detailed so I thought that I would write this tutorial and maybe it might help others out there Since the Galaxy S4 is getting ready to come out, the price has dropped considerably for the S3 and i believe more and more people will be getting this phone and wanting to root it.

First thing you are going to need is the Samsung Drivers so you can connect your phone to your computer and your computer can recognize it. All of the files you are going to need I am just going to reference the link from the other tutorial that I posted above, no sense in redoing work that has already been done especially if it has been done well!

Stock Firmware

You are going to need Odin you can get it from the same link, click on the Odin Link 3. Since I am using a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 the bootloader comes by default locked so we need this file to unlock the bootloader so we can root the phone. If we were using any other phone besides Verizon we would not have to worry about this but since I have Verizon I have to do this.

If you have the same phone as me scroll down to the SCH-I link and download that file. Okay now that we have all of that downloaded lets get things moving First thing we are going to need to do is install the Samsung USB drivers, so do that. After the drivers are installed plug in your phone and make sure that it connects to your computer correctly, after it connects disconnect your phone from your computer.

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Now we need to get to the critical stuff Step 1. Step 2. When you see the warning screen hit Volume Up to allow Download mode.

Flash Odin Files With Jodin3 Web App Mac, Windows, Linux

Step 3. Now this is where previous tutorials kind of messed up in my opinion just my opinion. Now that your phone is in download mode you need to only have the "auto boot" option selected in ODIN and click on the bootloader button and select the VRALEC file you downloaded earlier.

Before you continue...

This will reboot your phone and if everything goes correctly your phone's bootloader will be unlocked. After reboot make sure to disconnect your phone from your computer. Step 5. With your PDA option selected hit start.

How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5 with 1-Click

This is where all of the other tutorials I found also fell short Your phone is rooted but it will not work correctly without SuperSU Step 9. When the download is complete run SuperSU and now your phone is fully rooted. You can test it by downloading Android Terminal and running the terminal and typing "su" or by downloading a root required app Titanium Backup. You do not have to unlock your bootloader but i would recommend it. If you just want to use a stock rom and have your phone rooted then you can ignore this last step. Plus with the application I am going to show you further down this tutorial, it is so easy to unlock your bootloader, you might as well go for it.

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Cause: USB cable being for charging not for communication.

How to Root Android without PC in 2018

Switch the cable and you should find problem resolves. Please help! Sorry for not reading ahead… Noob move.

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I pulled out the battery right after heimdall was a success pulled out the battery actually right as it was trying to reboot. It worked like a charm. Thanks for your awesome site Max! Hey Max another thing. Triangle away freezes on my Note2. Any idea as to how i can do anything about it? Hey Max, Can you give a little heads up on going back to stock?

BYTE* / How to root the Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-SC (H1 and H2 basebands)

I was unable to install either package. Has the recent Jelly Bean update prevented either of the above versions from working? Your help would be greatly appreciated so I can properly root the device.

Thanks a million!!! I left my emailadres and I really hope somebody can help me out! It was a big step leaving apple phones and i am totally in love with android now…i just want the last piece of the puzzle to fit me aswell! I have done the heimdall several times, and now i pulled the battery out after doing it and the cwm menu looks totally different than before… and it worked hahaha. Worked after a few hiccups.. Tried these commands sudo kextunload -b com. I had the same issues as above and tried to pull the battery a couple of times after the heimdall installation asap but with no luck.

I googled around a little bit and for some reason I downloaded GooManager from the play store and had it reboot to recovery and there I was, prompted with CMW. So if all else fails try it out! Ok, got it done!! The USB will power the device. Then pressing the command for heimdall upload, and it will begin the upload process. This process requires battery power but you have already removed the battery and the phone switches…..

Then put the battery back in and immediately press volume UP, centre button and power button until you see the restart of Galaxy Note 2 and let it boot into CWM mode. Sorted mate!!! Choose the rooting file from the external SD card and reboot.