Smart quotes in word for mac

Changing the Appearance of Quotation Marks

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Disabling it does not solve the problem in Sierra. Driving me crazy. The original solution works for Yosemite too. Saved me a lot of pain editing code that uses the non-curly quotes. Your article only pertains to Mavericks.

Except where there are font limitations, which can still happen with some older, common internet compatible fonts.

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  • Smarten straight quotes in Pages - Mac OS X Hints!
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A bit on the side, but still related to quotes, guillemets, virgolette and even parentheses and brackets: one of the most useful CPs I know is AutoPairs, at. Those funny quotes are for the French. Germany for example uses the quotes that start at the base of the character and in the UK they use single quotes and the double quotes for a quote within a quote.

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Straight quotes are not normal. They were what was found on a typewriter in order to have as few keys as possible. In fact many typewriters requires you to type a single quote and then backspace and type a period in order to get the exclamation point.

Uncheck Smart quotes and Smart dashes 4. Close the the Preferences window 5.

How To Indent Quotes In Word Mac

Under Substitutions, uncheck Smart Quotes and Smart Dashes Once smart quotes have been disabled, quotes should return to being non-curly quotes marks. Like this: Like Loading Comments 17 Leave a comment. Hi Rich, do you know where this setting is stored?

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TextEdit: Disable smart quotes: defaults write com. TextEdit SmartQuotes -bool false Disable smart dashes: defaults write com. TextEdit SmartDashes -bool false. Thank so much you for this post! Hello Rich, thank you very much for documenting this. Would you have any other ideas — besides filing a bug with Apple? Best regards Rainer. Hello Mr.

K, thanks for the hint. Regards, Rainer. Elizabeth Barone. Thanks, this was very helpful! Thanks again. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Sorry that I forgot about this tool. When you download WordService, it will automatically install 34 service items, but enable none of them.

Again, because it is a Service, it requires selected content beforehand. A WordService application icon will also appear in Launchpad. It's only purpose, through its Help button, is to display PDF documentation of the various services in Preview for you. Dec 17, PM. Page content loaded. Since you only have regular straight quotes now, you will have to perform four find activities with the appropriate replacement sequence from above:. I suggest that you pick a single document that is ripe with these straight quotes.

Straight marks

In the Finder, press the option key and drag the icon away from the original document to duplicate it. Dec 16, PM. The above find and replace approach will not work with Pages v5 or v6, as it wants to change every quote to the same replacement quote because it cannot distinguish a difference.

A replace all transforms the straight quotes to their smart left and right counterparts in one go. This approach will not work in Pages v5, or v6. Exporting content containing straight quotes to Pages '09 format, and then opening in Pages '09 even with smart quotes enabled will not automatically convert to smart quotes.

This is a very annoying aspect of the software - how could an earlier version do it correctly but the current doesn't? Dec 17, AM.