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The new ones will show up in the applications as "Twixtor 4. The "Create Motion Vectors" and "Twixtor Pro 4, Vectors In" plugins remain the same and old plugins will use the new plugin, with the new features, once installed into the application's plugin folder. Fixed a color problem some users were seeing when slowing down footage using a Motion Blur Compensation value greater than 0.

Fixed a potential crashing problem in Twixtor Pro when using Forward warping. Better integration with host with respect to interlaced materail. What does this mean for you? It means you no longer set an "Output:Fields" setting for most hosts in fact, this setting has been removed for most apps. Instead, Twixtor pays attention to the field rendering settings of the host to determine whether to create interlaced material or not. It also means that you no longer have to set the field interpretation on interlaced footage to None however, you still have to tell Twixtor that you are giving it interlaced material.

Added render-only license pricing for After Effects and combustion. Motion blur parameter renamed Motion Blur Compensation because it now controls the removal of motion blur as well as the addition of motion blur. This parameter now defaults to 0 instead of 0. Regrouped the parameters so that they are divided into Input, Track and Output parameter groupings. Stretching method renamed Time Remap Mode.

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Ability to mark segments of your source material so that Twixtor does not interpolate inappropriately across cuts, dissolves and other transition. Only need to set Output:Frame Rate in combustion the parameter has been removed for all other hosts applications Only need to set Input:Frame Rate from within combustion and After Effects the parameter has been removed for all other hosts applications. After Effects only: Ability to retime audio and image sequences using After Effects time stretching and time-remap tools but using Twixtor frame interpolation methods.

Premiere Pro: Twixtor now works properly in Premiere Pro interlaced projects. Motion vector export and import. For use in 16 bits-per-channel processing applications only. Fixed a potential crashing bug from within combustion. Of course, new features were added to Twixtor 4. For info on what is new in version 4 see the main Twixtor page and the manual that comes with the installer.

Fixed a black frame and crashing bug in Premiere Pro happened upon application of Twixtor to a clip or when rendering. Fixed a crashing bug in combustion when interacting with parameters or scrubbing the timeline from within combustion on both Macintosh and Windows. Fixed a problem from within combustion that could produce completely transparent frames.

Fixed a problem with crashing and hanging on multiprocessor Windows machines when deleting a plugin from a project or quitting a host application. Fixed a rare crashing bug. The same fix will avoid incorrect tracking when not causing a crash in some rate situations as well.

The Motion Sensitivity setting is now more continous when determining how far pixels are tracked in previous versions, the motion sensitivity only changed in discreet jumps. Multiprocessor support added. Users will see a significant speedup on multiprocessor machines. G5 optimization added for Mac versions of the products. Tracking problems have been fixed in certain cases when using layer separation in Twixtor Pro.

Frame-rate conversion within combustion 3 now works properly. Added support for combustion version 3. See the manual for more info. Fixed bug that in Twixtor Pro that caused guiding geometries to be retrieved incorrectly, which in some cases could cause the guiding geometries to do more harm than good guiding geometry includes Twixtor's tracking point settings and guidance through AE's spline masks. The bug could be viewed in previous versions when Twixtor Pro was asked to to draw the guiding geometries. In some cases, the guiding geometries were not drawn where the geometry was actually located.

Twixtor is now more motion sensitive. As such, the default motion sensitivity for Twixtor is set to 70 approximately the same amount of motion sensitiviy that produced in version 2. This means that the value of for motion sensitivity can now "see farther. Fixed a bug that caused no motion blur to be added if you were speeding up a clip in reverse.

Fixed a bug in the Twixtor Pro, After Effects plugin for Windows, that in some cases processed foreground mattes incorrectly. Of course, new features were added to Twixtor 3. See main Twixtor page for info on what is new in version 3. In Twixtor Pro, the addition of a new warping method that can give better results in some situations read the Twixtor manual for more details.

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Because we've added new options in version 3. Added G4 support for Mac OS versions. Twixtor now runs significantly faster on G4 machines Twixtor frame rate conversion now works from within combustion 2. Fixed a bug that caused Twixtor to not add motion blur when speeding up footage in reverse. Fixed a bug that caused improper inbetweening when using multiple frame rates.

This fix should affect users of Twixtor from within After Effects, using the frame rate conversion feature of Twixtor. Fixed a bug that caused unnecessary stuttering in certain cases when keyframing the Frame parameter.

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Organized the buttons for combustion into related groups and now the last set of buttons spills on to a second page. Fixed a bug that corrects the following problem: when specifying output interlaced video, the fields were reversed that is, when specifying Lower Field First, Twixtor generated upper field first video, and vice-versa.

Fixed a bug in which output with fields did not work with bit per channel projects Pro version only. We've renamed and replaced some of the options to make things clearer: o Multiple Layers of Motion? Conflicting motion?

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  7. This was done because we added the notion of foreground and background layers, and we didn't want to reuse the word "layer. The Multi-Frequency mode was not very useful. From the 1. This softening can more or less strong depending on how far away in time the new frame is located from existing frames in the original sequence.

    This can result in a pulsing of what appears to be the Twixtored sequence coming in and out of focus. The Motion Weighted Blend option attempts to reduce this pulsing. This is because you can now have color source and a tracking source that are different clips see manual so, in a sense, both the Color Source and Alt Motion Source alternate tracking source are part of the time warping input information. We've added quite a few features: o Alt Motion Source: Allows you to specify a different clip for tracking than the one used for color. Previously, the same clip was always used for both tracking and color.

    Of course, Twixtor assumes these two sequences line up in time.

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    Cache last motion? Please read the manual for approximate amount of memory needed and a few "gotchas. The newly added Motion Sensitivity option now allows you to limit how much pixels can move once a particular motion vector quality is chosen. This can help eliminate the "gloop" in creating new frames that is seen when objects pass over each other in the imagery.

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    The two layers are tracked, interpolated and warped separately. Twixtor uses proprietary filling and tracking techniques when working on the background layer, even when it is obscured by the foreground! Note: applying earlier versions of Twixtor to 2 layers the foreground and background and then combining them does not produce the same results, because in Twixtor Pro we figure out the motion for the portion of the background layer that is covered by the foreground later, an important part in reconstructing the background when the foreground moves in front of it.

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